S   t   u   d   i   o

Hidden Gem
Easy Love
Dance Party
Sweet Heart
Secret Garden
Falling For You
Be My Girl
Easy Grace
Stand By Me
A Thousand Kisses
Love Song
Wind Dance
All That Remains
Candy Crush
Heart Throb
Sweet As Pie
Put A Little Love On It
A Whisper Away
Heavens Gate
Blow Me Kisses
Day Tripper
Quiet Riot
When the Lights Come Up
Party Girls
Kindred Spirit
Walking on Sunshine
Blinded by the Light
Honey Bee
Living on the Edge
Fall In Love
Don't it Feel Good
Trust Me
More Than a Feeling
Dare to Dream
Dancing Girls
Earth, Wind and Fire
One and a Million
The Stars Were In Her Eyes
Painted Ladies
So Close To You
Jacks are Wild
Twist and Shout
Time Well Spent
Queen of Hearts
Champagne Dreams and Marmalade Skies
I Feel It In My Bones
I Saw a Shimmering Light
Snakes and Ladders
Baby It's Cold Outside
What I Like About You
First Time I Saw You
Days Like This
Be Still My Heart
Leaving it all Behind
The Sweetest Thing
Lost in the Moment
Morning Glory
Everything's Better with Sugar and Honey
Sweet Surrender
In the Glory of the Garden
California Dreaming
This Thing Called Love
Caught in the Act
Quiet Sentinels
What Lies Inside the Light
Blue Suede Dreams
Quietly Emerging with Grace
It's Our Little Secret
Born To Be Wild
Crazy Love
Sea of Love
Basking In The Moment
Let It All Hang Out
A Dance to Remember
What Lies Within the Heart
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Diamond in the Rough
You're the One
Golden Moment
Free Admission
All You Touch and All You See
Mountain Road
No Dress Rehearsal
Lady in Red
She Could Turn All the Boys Heads
Some Days Are Like That
Winds of Change
No Left Turn
Dance With the One You Love
A Star is Born
I Will Be Waiting
Here In My Heart
One of a Kind
Where My Spirits Carries Me
Only for a Moment
You're Too Good To Be True
Sweet Summer Love
Take the Long Way Home
Queen Anne's Place
Dream Weaver
In The Heart of Everything
Forever and Now
Just Peachy
We'll Stay Forever This Way
Stairway to Heaven
I Know How You Feel